For Companies

      We shall take care of your employees from the start to finish – from the first step before submission of the application until the commencement of their employment. We will be available at your and your employees convenience for the entire duration of their working stays in the Czech Republic. We will help their family members with visas and residence permits. With our support, your employees can fully concentrate on their own work. We provide this regardless of whether they come from countries of the European Union or any other countries of the world. What do we offer?   

  • Employee cards
  • Blue cards
  • Intra-company employee transfer card
  • Work permits
  • Programs of economic migration
  • Visas and residence permits
  • Announcement of job positions
  • Authorized translations and authentications
  • Personal asistence at authorities
  • Registration within authorities
  • Residence permits for family members
  • Temporary residence permits for EU nationals and their family members
  • Monitoring of the validity of documents
  • Extension of work permits and residence permits
  • Medical insurance
  • Changes (employer, job position)
  • Changes (name, address, passport, marital status, etc.)
  • Assistance in case of loss, theft of residence permits

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